2017 Info & Deadlines

A complete set of information is available below for exhibitors and attendees of the 2017 District Show. Please read through it carefully.

The 2017 Show

Exhibitors should set-up for the show on Thursday 22nd June 2017. The Judging of Stands will take place on Friday 23rd June 2017 from 7.30am. The Opening Ceremony will take place on Friday 23rd June 2017, and the Main Prizegiving Ceremony will take place on Saturday 24th June 2017, at 14hr. Exhibitors will be free to pack up from 16.30hr on Saturday 24th June 2017 (exhibitors cannot pack up earlier than this, as it disrupts the flow of traffic in and around the showgrounds).


“Promoting a Green Economy”

Expected Number of Exhibitors:


Judging of Stands:

  1. Judges will be judging stands on Friday 23rd June 2017, from 07:30 hours.
  2. Please be in your stands for the whole day, so that you are available to answer any questions that they may have.
  3. You will be asked to sign a form when the judges visit your stand.
  4. Stands that are not manned will automatically be eliminated from the award line-up.
  5. Note that Stands will be judged on the following criteria:
  • Interpretation of the Theme (20%)
  • Helpfulness and Friendliness of Staff (20%)
  • Appearance of the Stand (20%)
  • Availability of Extra Information/Business cards/Brochures (20%)
  • Performance and Presence in the Community (20%)

Please note that judging is carried out by independent businessmen and woman (from within and outside the Mkushi District), who are invited by the Show Society to carry out the judging. The Society does not, in any way, influence the judge’s decisions, so aspects such as the level of sponsorship, cannot guarantee an award. However, the Society may make 1 or 2 separate presentations to companies who they feel have contributed exceptionally to the successful hosting of the show.

Please note that companies who register and/or pay late may be excluded from the Judging lists, as these lists are finalised and handed to the Judging Team during May 2017. The Society cannot take responsibility for adding companies to this list, if they have registered late.


All companies will receive an entry ticket that allows their vehicle to have free access to the Showgrounds, in the run-up to the Show. For Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th, vehicles will not be allowed to enter the grounds, as they pose a risk to pedestrians. Only vehicles with special VIP ENTRY STICKERS will be allowed into the grounds during the actual show period. Exhibitors are asked to park in the allocated parking, and to walk into the grounds, through the special gate situated in the vehicle entry area. Our security personnel do try to keep this gate clear for Exhibitors to enter, however it does have a tendency to get a bit crowded at times, so please take care of your personal effects.


Whilst the Show Society has taken every precaution in ensuring the security is maintained around the grounds, they will not accept any liability for losses, damage, or death that occurs within or around the Grounds. Exhibitors are advised to be mindful of their own valuables, and to ensure that they have their own overnight security arrangements. For past shows, it has been recommended that 3-4 exhibitors work together to hire their own overnight security guard. Exhibitors must visit the show office to collect overnight tickets for their own security personnel, as no-one will be allowed to stay within the grounds without special authorisation.

Our daytime Security is carried out by a team of people, including Committee Members, Private Security Guards, as well as Cadets from Mkushi High School. These are ably assisted by our Show Attendants, who are employed by the Show Society. During the night, we have private security guards,  as well as an armed police officer who patrols through the grounds.

In the unlikely event of a fire, or other emergency, the Society does have several emergency exits, and these will be opened up as quickly as possible if needed. Pedestrians will have right of way in emergency exit situations.


Every company that attends that show will receive an attendance certificate. Please collect these from the Show Office during the period of the Show, although we will endeavour to deliver these to your stand, wherever possible.


We recommend that you book your accommodation early to avoid disappointment. As well as the official accommodation listing, there is also bed and breakfast available at Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre, if other facilities become fully booked. Please click here to view the accommodation listing.

Show Society Cocktail Evening

There will be a Sponsored Cocktail Evening, on the night of Friday 23rd June 2017. Attendance is by invitation only.



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